Manchester Event Photography

I’m a Creative Producer/Performance Maker/Producer/Dramaturge/Researcher and Critic… And now I’m based in Manchester. Liveness is central to my work, as is an interest in research based practice and participation.

Between 2014-20017 I lived in The Netherlands, where I studied an MA in Theatre and Dramaturgy studies, which is when I became really interested in writing about performance and theatre, and do so both academically and creatively.

I try to write reviews playfully, that really reflect the nature of the performance so that whilst my opinion will be clear, it considers the intention of the maker/writer/director.

My work includes NL: The Inventory of Powerlessness/Web of Trust with Edit Kaldor, The Automated Sniper by Julian Hetzel and festivals including Dancing on The Edge Festival, ITS, SPRING etc.  UK: SKIPRAP/A Long Way have with Mind the Gap, Declaration/The Golden Years Caravan Art with Heart and BEYOND festival with Pyramid Arts, and many more.